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  • Following Up After an Interview: When & How?
    Following Up After an Interview: When & How?
    Many job seekers make the mistake of over-preparing for the big interview, just to drop the ball by not following up. When unemployment rates are high, competition for even the most entry level job is...
  • Turn Your Job Into a Career
    Turn Your Job Into a Career
    Diverse Edge, LLC. specializes in finding great job opportunities, both temporary and full-time. For many, a temp-to-full-time assignment is an ideal way to “test” a position before committing...
  • The 10 Rules of Resume Writing (Tips)
    The 10 Rules of Resume Writing (Tips)
    The resume is a tool with a goal: to get an interview. It must stand out from stacks of other resumes and convince the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in the role. Here are some tips...
  • Interviewing Tips
    Interviewing Tips
    The Interview – A Conversation that can Change Your Career It’s a fact: When you’re prepared, you’re more relaxed. This holds true for the all-important interview day, as well....